one cat

Kikisan - my highest maintenance cat!


Ernest Hemingway was known to say, “One cat just leads to another,” which in my life has certainly turned out to be true. Now I’m wondering if one blog just leads to another because I can’t stop thinking about all of the different blogs I want to create.

One idea that keeps roaming around my mind is the idea of a blog about my great-grandfather, William J. Powell, who was a magician. He was called the Great Poluhni and he traveled the country doing tricks like driving blindfold, as well as performing magic tricks on stage, along with my great-grandmother, Mimi, who played the chimes. He was part of the circuit Chautauquas of the early 1900s – traveling cultural shows of lecturers, musicians, magicians, jugglers, actors, among many others. It was a mixture of entertainment and education and it reached into the lives of rural Americans across the country.

One day I found information on Poluhni & Company while doing an online search. The photos I possess, that had been handed down to me by my aunt, were suddenly on the screen in front of me along with text that included a quote from my great-grandfather and described some of the things he did. From that moment on I have been ablaze with curiosity to know who this man was. Perhaps by having a blog about him I might somehow find the collector, the researcher, the historian, who can share with me any documents from his life. Maybe in some old attic chest, some forgotten room, old treasures lie, waiting for the great-granddaughter of the Great Poluhni to somehow bring them back to life.